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We are a technology company focused on fuelling Innovative companies by increasing their team’s productivity. We track your delivery agents, fleets, employees and create an engagement with your customers. This addresses your most critical productivity challenges.

Complete iPhone and Android App
Our Agent app allows to track activities, current location, manage status and collect customer feedback on the go! Available for iPhone and Android. Built with high accuracy GPS location tracking and minimal battery power usage helps them to use it for a day!
Web admin access
A centralized management system for your business. It allows to manage Incoming Orders, View delivery agents current location, assign pickups, view incoming orders, optimize route, customer management and review feedbacks. Easy Business Management.
Proof of Delivery
Customer will be notified immediately when order is assigned through SMS / Text. Customer shall track order status by viewing the link. Delivery agent will collect Proof of Delivery such as Signature, Photo and location. Delivery will never miss!
Fully customized for Any Business
Whether Its a Food Delivery, Groceries delivery, Icecreams, Cake delivery, Birthday present, Gift delivery, Courier delivery, package delivery, logistics, Our Delivery Management system supports any business and workflow is easily customizable.
Hosted in Secured Cloud
Scaling up is easy as ever. We offer tailor made solutions and include customized features based on needs. As It’s hosted in Cloud, we should be able to ramp up as you grow. Whitelabeling solution is allowed based on your delivery ageents volume.
Other Features
Sailent location accuracy, Integrated Multi pikcups and multi deliver locations in single order, Reporting finds exact miles travelled by agents per trip, day or month. Turn ON and Turn OFF tracking control from Web admin. Offline and Online mobile app.

Delivery Tracking System trusted by 200+ Clients

Delivery Agents Tracked
Deliveries Handled
Miles Travelled
Customer Reviews Collected

How it Works

ManageTeamz can be integrated with your existing Ordering System or we shall offer Ordering and Delivery software for your business.



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Assign Orders to your delivery agents, view their travel route and track operations in real time.

Incoming Orders: View all your Incoming orders in ManageTeamz Delivery web app.

Delivery agent delivers the order and gets Proof of Delivery from Customer such as Signature, Photo, Comments and location.

Customer receives SMS Text with a tracking link. It provides status of the order, real time tracking location and an option to call delivery agent.

Business owner tracks and gather analytics of all orders deliverable, customer status and run business productively.

Customer shall provide feedback of delivery with comments and rating.

View all Incoming orders in ManageTeamz Delivery web application.

ManageTeamz provides complete End-To-End Solution for Online Ordering, Delivery and Live Tracking your Delivery agents.

Order Management
Agents Management
Pickup and Delivery location
Order Auto Assignment
Live Track your Delivery Agents
Gather customer reviews

How ManageTeamz helps your delivery business

Web applications offers

Web app helps to manage delivery agents, view customers incoming orders,assign tasks,real time tracking of delivery agents location, delivery status,customer cases,tickets and feedback.


Delivery agents App

Delivery agent shall use iPhone and Android app to view tasks, find customer location, optimized route to navigate to customer location, get proof of delivery from the customer on the spot and pick the next task.

Customer Receives

Your customer gets immediate text and email notifications when its is ordered from your site. SMS text offers a web link and can be viewed from web or smart phones. Customer shall view delivery status, provide feedback after delivery.


Reporting and Analytics

Whether Its a Food Delivery, Cake, Groceries or Courier delivery business, Report matters and It helps to forecast your business. Our vast Reporting options allows you to accumulate datas based on your needs.

Mileage Report
Daily / Weekly Delivery Reports
Export as Excel


Our unique design helps delivery agents to use our App instantly. But we advise not to use when driving. We want you to use forever



We offer powerful Integration with any Ordering Systems, POS and Invoicing Systems for hassle free business operations.


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Our Pricing Plans

  • Personal

    Signup and Use it for FREE
    • One Web admin access
    • One Delivery Agent access
    • Web, iPhone and Android App
    • Unlimited tasks and live Tracking
    • Valid for 14 days.
  • Startups

    $10 per Delivery Agent Per Month.
    • One Web admin acces
    • Every Delivery Agent will cost $10 Per month.
    • Web, iPhone and Android App
    • Unlimited tasks and live Tracking
    • No Contracts, Pay as you use.
  • Enterprise

    Talk to us if you are planning to bring more than 50 delivery agents
    • Web Access
    • API Web, iPhone and Android App
    • Unlimited tasks and live Tracking
    • White Label Solution


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