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Courier & Parcel
Delivery Tracking Software

Deliver an experience rather than delivering a product. Optimizing the courier logistics delivery operations through digital transformation.


Complex deliveries made simple with Courier Delivery Management Software

Our package delivery tracking software is packed with features that are custom-made for courier & parcel delivery businesses. Right from large scale movements to small scale deliveries, our software is highly flexible and adaptive.

    1) Import Orders

    You can now import the daily delivery tasks of your business with just a click.

    2) Assign Courier Orders to Drivers

    The size of your fleet doesn’t matter. ManageTeamz can efficiently assign orders to your delivery agents.

    3) Analytics and Tracking

    Our courier delivery tracking system leverages data analytics and engineering for better backend optimization.

    4) Receive Customer Feedback

    ManageTeamz can help you build brand value by building a channel for customer interaction.

    1) Digital Proof of Delivery

    For a transparent work process, delivery executives have to take a digital proof of delivery from the customers for the order to complete.

    2) Task Details

    The details associated with a delivery task can be easily accessed by the operational managers or business owners.

    3) Easy Customer Communication

    Taking customer service to the next level! They can now reach out to you in mere seconds through our dedicated service channels.

    4) In-App Navigation

    Our dedicated navigation system is in-built with route optimization for an overall efficient delivery system.

How does it work?

We combined the idea of technological innovation and customer service to optimize the delivery industry. Check out this short video to know how the parcel delivery tracking software process works.

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Kick start your on-demand parcel delivery business with ManageTeamz


We have designed ManageTeamz to be flexible and adapt to various courier business needs. Businesses can use it as a parcel delivery software or as an courier delivery management platform depending upon your needs. Our clients are the proof of our impeccable vision.


“They listen to customers and add features. That’s the deal breaker comparing with other delivery software. I wanted a Multi pickup / Multi delivery customized with my Order API’s as we are running 40+ delivery agents picking up from 5+ restaurants. All integration was all done in just two weeks. Awesome team. “


“What a fantastic product you have. We just completed a rollout of ManageTeamz for 50 vehicles across 4 locations. We are proud to say that we are a Technology company with Logistics background rather saying as a logistics company. The feedbacks from our drivers are all positive.”


“Our customers’ loved the tracking feature and notification alert of what’s happening with their order. No back and forth phone calls. It also helps to calculate mileage covered by drivers. We had asked for some great reports and dashboard and looking forward to it. “


ManageTeamz is a problem solver in my delivery business. Intuit User Experience design and easy to track delivery agents helps me to focus on my business. Thanks a ton!.


We just wanted to see where our delivery agent is standing at present. A tech product that finally works. It could have been better if they offer OTP facility for International mobile numbers. Overall, It’s good to have.


Why is courier management software important for the courier business?

Courier delivery management software systems are essential to improving customer experiences - they offer real-time order tracking, better communication, and process automation. They also offer both real-time and analytical dashboards for the admin, allowing them to optimize operations at every step.

How can I track the exact location of a courier?

Going to the tracking module of your courier tracking software should help you understand the real-time location of the courier. Because software like ManageTeamz comes with advanced geolocation abilities,courier delivery business should be able to perfectly double down on the exact location and ETAs. End-users will also be able to track this data if needed.

Does courier delivery management software include route planning?

Since finding the perfect route is a primary function of courier delivery management software, the system will include the route planning & optimization feature. After all, optimizing the route to improve efficiency & cut costs is mission-critical to courier tracking software.

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Track your on-field personnel in real-time with powerful geo analytics tools for better worfforce productivity.


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With ManageTeamz's Delivery Management Software you can:

  • Real Time Tracking
  • Easy Navigation
  • Smart Analysis
  • Optimized Routes
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Geofencing

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