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Helping Naira Restaurant to deliver food on time through ManageTeamz Delivery App.



Naira International Group Headquarters : Doha, Qatar

Business : Customer is a Qatari group of restaurants specialized in Food and Beverages. They are driven by Qatari values and following best practices to offer quality and tasty food. They always exceed expectations and keep up with the local market.



Customer has a group of Restaurant in Qatar ond offer home delivery. They want to know where their delivery agents located at present and assign Incoming food order to their agents. Admin used to call deliver agents to check their availability and location and then ask them to pickup and deliver. This is a mere cumbersome process, hence a delay in delivering food and beverages to customer.

Lack Proof of delivery : When the food is delivered, admin was not able to find If the food is delivered and there is no proof for the order delivered.As a business, Naira groups was not aware whether the delivery agent is free to pick up next order or still working on the old one. Misleading Information causes operational inefficiency and execution issues.


ManageTeamz - A delivery tracking app that helps restaurants to manage their business, delivery agents and orders easily. Here is how ManageTeamz helped Naira.

Live Tracking of Delivery Agents

Business administrator monitor their delivery agents current location, live track their movement, order they are currently workingon, get notified when they are free.

Proof of Delivery

Delivery Agents has a mobile app wherein they get Incoming orders, pickup the food and navigate to customer location and even get a signature proof for delivery.

Customized App

App is customized for Naira International group with their logo, branding. App is also offered with Multi pickup of deliverables and auto assign based on order volume.

Affordable Price

Cost is only based on Per Driver Per Month basis, Naira is able to scale up their business performance at an affordable price. Building such a product would be very expensive, however ManageTeamz solution is offered for just $ 10 per driver per month!


Our unique design helps delivery agents to use our App instantly. But we advise not to use when driving.We want you to use forever

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Customer Satisfaction

Faster delivery of food and beverages to their customers. Turnaround time is so awesome

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Negligible Software expense

Software app expense is negligible, however Return on Investment for business is massive

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Operational efficiency

Reduces stress, phone calls and unnecessary follow ups for business owners, customers and delivery agents

Naira International Group Doha - Qatar

"First of All, I thank you guys for the wonderful app (Manageteamz) that's helping my business grow drastically. I will always remain one of your happiest customers because of the amazing product you delivered in the form of a Mobile App and made my life easy. Your team really got the skills to do wonders and i sure will advise my friends whoever is in need of an app development for their business. Way to go!"
- Prabhath Witharanage

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Track your on-field personnel in real-time with powerful geo analytics tools for better worfforce productivity.


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With ManageTeamz's Delivery Management Software you can:

  • Real Time Tracking
  • Easy Navigation
  • Smart Analysis
  • Optimized Routes
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Geofencing

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