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Premier Logistics Management Software with a packed feature to assist your business

ManageTeamz Logistics Software can make your business operation hassle-free. We assist our clients in automating their business processes and streamlining them in between the agents and customers effectively.

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Admin Module has complete control of the application. It comes with dozens of features which include managing Customer Requests regarding the orders, Task Allocation to Delivery Agents, Status of the Product & Agent, Alerts on them, etc.


The driver Module is purely for Delivery Agents who are offered with the details of the Pickup Location, Customer Details, etc. The agent can either accept or decline the order based on the availability and once accepted, an optimized route and details are provided.


Customers can make their orders of their own choice and product. They can also keep track of their orders with their location to make the process robust and efficient.

Our Awesome Features

We have integrated multiple superfine features into the software by adopting the latest and advanced technologies in the industry.

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What are the main tools used for logistics management system?

A Logistics Management Software comprises of several different tools and systems that can broadly classified into 6 subsystems. These are:

  • Order Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Transport Planning
  • Transport Management and
  • Reports & BI

What is the importance of logistics management software?

Deploying a logistics management software ensures efficient last-mile delivery & warehousing activities. But an effective logistics management systems has more far-reaching benefits such as lower production costs and optimized production rates, better inventory control and optimized supplier networks. All of this aids in offering a seamless delivery experience for the end customer.

How business can benefit from logistics management software?

Logistics Management Software Solutions offer a gamut of benefits, but strategically, it offers businesses the control and visibility required to optimize and automate the entire production, warehousing and supply process. Logistics management softwares supports businesses analyze the supply chain data and make necessary decision to reduce costs & maximize efficiency.

What are the best new features a logistics software must have?

Best-in-class logistics management softwares offer the standard features of Order Management, Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, Transport Planning, Transport Management, and Reports & BI. In addition to this, they also offer features like automated order allocation & trip management, driver apps, real-time delivery tracking and end-user delivery control.

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Track your on-field personnel in real-time with powerful geo analytics tools for better worfforce productivity.


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With ManageTeamz's Delivery Management Software you can:

  • Real Time Tracking
  • Easy Navigation
  • Smart Analysis
  • Optimized Routes
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Geofencing

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