How ManageTeamz Addresses Logistics Concerns and Boosts Profitability?

As customers are shifting their preferences every day, it is crucial for businesses to remain updated with them. Moreover, technology has seen a great pace where all types of industries have leveraged it to enjoy the benefits and also increase customer satisfaction.

ManageTeamz, being a supereffective Delivery Management Software we understand the present challenges and needs of the customers of the industry. In this blog, we have discussed the ways in which we can make this true!

Major challenges faced by the delivery businesses:

According to the statistics, the online food delivery industry’s total revenue is expected to grow at 8.8% within the next three years. The food delivery business is continuously gaining a good number of new customers every day. With the increased evolving business opportunities, many delivery startups and businesses are entering the market with higher thrust and past, hence making the marketplace fully competitive and complex for the firms to capture.

  • Shifting customer preferences

The major aim of delivery businesses is to grow their market share by offering the best possible solutions to customers at an affordable price. The food delivery and logistics market have elevated the marketing game to such a level that customers are spoilt for choice as the competition grows. This is making the customer base unstable and is affecting customer loyalty. To deal with this issue, businesses need to deploy various marketing strategies which can increase customer engagement rate.

  • Unstable Market prices

Apart from the customer base, the costs of the products are in a volatile state. Several factors affect prices in this industry. Businesses dealing with the industry often cannot track or keep up with the prices and struggle to find the right pricing strategy.

Along with inflation and rising revenues deficits of their partners, and the delivery services also have to focus upon leveraging defensing pricing models to deal with their competitors. This puts even more pressure on margins and affects profitability.

  • Handling customer expectations

Irrespective of how big the market captured may be, it is a failed attempt if businesses are unable to satisfy their customer expectations. The customer expectations factor herein is not the responsibility of the delivery partners alone but the ones working on the point of origin. Thus, it is a challenge to fill the gap that exists between delivery partners and business owners and meet customer expectations proactively.

  • The Logistics Dilemma

The logistics challenges faced by the businesses are immense. Whether to keep the delivery radius restricted to a few areas or offer to wider geography, the scope of getting high orders from a specific area, allocating the right number of vehicles, making sure of the product quality, etc are some of the issues logistics industry faces. Delivery businesses should keep track of the parameters in mind while deciding upon the last-mile logistics model.

  • Retailer Problems

Many startups or companies often meet problems concerning in-house delivery. Still, if your budget doesn’t allow delivering goods on your own, there is a number of vicarious options. We as a solution provider, come up with the following possible solutions for this challenge.

Making use of Google API, Payment Gateway Integration, etc which helps in building optimal routes and logistics. Besides, an automated sequence of loading boxes, optimizing their size contributes to an overall reduction of delivery prices, which is always a benefit while attracting more clients.

  • Top KPIs

To make the logistics application successful, KPIs identification and tracking are almost vital. Despite, the segment of the market you aim at, there are three basic circumstances to take into consideration: transportation expenses, ways of their reduction, buyers attraction, and retaining. Having these three issues in balance you may count on the fast productive growth of the initial startup idea.

  • Retaining customers

This is the most popular challenge which every industry faces. When it comes to the logistics industry, retaining customers play a crucial role that completely deals with customers every day. In addition to bringing new customers, it is also extremely important to retain the existing ones.

This can be done by coming up with loyalty programs, sales, promotional offers, etc. Added, you can get feedback from your existing users and eliminate the ones which they don’t like in your application. It can be a great way to retain your customers.

Role of ManageTeamz in solving the complexities:

In order to resolve the above challenges, as a delivery service provider, we offer better solutions that can lead to the delivery marketplace to further development and growth. Here are a few solutions we follow:

  • Proper resource management methods can lower operating costs and boost the functional efficiency of the delivery business resulting in higher customer satisfaction.
  • Customer-centric marketing strategies can boost business to the next level with increased new customers and retaining existing ones as well.
  • Remaining updated with the trends and continuously upgrading their business strategies to leverage the new trends.
  • Higher levels of responsiveness, customer friendliness, and great support.


ManageTeamz aims at increasing the business profits with also tackling the current complexities in the industry. We have integrated a good number of features which is beneficial for the business owners as well as the customers. You can check out our features to know more about our application.

If you have additional queries on the same, you can get in touch with us any time.

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