Why Your Business Needs Courier Delivery Software in the Age of E-Commerce

Having efficient employees and providing high-quality products or services to customers is no longer sufficient. For your delivery service, you’ll need a solid marketing business plan. This will enable you to increase sales, raise brand awareness, engage customers, and expand your courier services business. The majority of courier marketing activities are designed to help companies build their brands. This is because the reputation of your company is built on what customers know and your ability to meet their expectations.

According to Reportlinker, approximately USD 4,011.8 million will be invested in delivery management software by 2027.

If you’re thinking about starting to have courier software for your business, you may be wondering what technology you’ll use to manage your deliveries. The benefit of courier dispatch software is its scalability. Boost your service-level agreement (SLA) as needed if you’re a startup and don’t need enterprise-level courier dispatch features. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the specific points courier dispatch software provides for various types of couriers and deliveries.

Revenue and return on investment are the two primary key performance indicators for any business that indicates its long-term viability and success. To meet both of these KPIs, it is critical to exceeding customers’ expectations by providing them with high-quality products and the ability to shop from the comfort of their own homes. However, it is equally important to deliver those products in the shortest amount of time possible. That’s when delivery management software comes in handy.

Previously, when digitization was an option, businesses managed their deliveries using traditional methods. Even late deliveries were considered normal at the time. Customers now expect to be able to order products with just a few taps on the screens of their smartphones. This blog covers everything you need to know about marketing your courier business and how to get started.

How should you pick the best e-Commerce courier delivery software for your online store?

In a variety of ways, the right courier delivery and service software can alleviate the burden of shipping orders. It can, for example, assist you in storing items in their warehouse so you don’t have to invest in one, packing orders, and providing superfast deliveries. However, determining the best courier delivery software for your ecommerce business can be difficult. After all, with so many shipping options available, it’s easy to get lost. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most important features to look for in courier delivery software.

Coverage for pin codes

Examine the locations and service zones to which a courier delivery software delivers. This step is critical to ensuring that all of your customers fall within the serviceable region. If you intend to ship internationally, you should inquire about shipping restrictions to specific countries, particularly in light of the current Covid-19 scenario. This is also an excellent time to discuss who will handle customs and duties upon arrival.

Shipping fees

Ecommerce shipping is a costly affair. However, the abundance of shipping services makes it worthwhile. However, it is prudent to research the shipping rates provided by your courier delivery service software company ahead of time. The best deal is when you believe you have spent the appropriate amount of money for the services provided. Look for courier delivery software that offers discounted shipping because it can reduce the cost of your shipping.

Order tracking function

Without real-time order tracking, your customers will become dissatisfied and call you to inquire about their orders. To give your customers a satisfying post-purchase experience, partner with a courier delivery and service software that provides real-time order tracking as well as order status notifications to customers’ phones and emails.

NDR Management NDRs, also known as delivery exceptions, occur when a courier delivery agent is unable to deliver orders within the time frame specified. A courier delivery software that includes an NDR Management tool will identify delivery exceptions faster, contact the seller to approve actions, notify customers about failed deliveries, and determine the exact cause of the NDR.

NDR management assists ecommerce businesses in reducing RTOs, increasing customer satisfaction, and detecting fraudulent delivery attempts by courier companies.

Inventory And warehouse administration

Ecommerce businesses can ship all of their items to the courier delivery software’s warehouse using warehouse management. Those items are then assigned SKUs and stored in bins and shelves until an order is placed. Online sellers do not need to invest in large storage spaces because of inventory and warehouse management. Furthermore, inventory management software can track outgoing and incoming orders and replenish stocks as needed.

Customer service assistance

When your company runs into technical difficulties with the courier delivery service software, they will want to contact their customer or technical support team for assistance. Check that the courier delivery software you choose has a customer support team that can handle technical issues and order-related customer inquiries.

Returns management

Any business would benefit greatly from courier delivery software that includes returns management. Returns are common in the fashion industry. Returns, if not handled carefully, have the potential to eat into profit margins. A returns management system will manage the reverse logistics in eCommerce and ensure timely delivery and refunds. Returns that are hassle-free increase customer loyalty and earn you repeat business.

How does a courier management system scale?

Every process in every stage of order movement is optimized by a robust and comprehensive courier management system. This allows for efficiency gains at every stage. A courier management software can also help optimize CEP operations and processes in the following ways:

  • Courier operations have been automated and optimized.
  • Dispatching on a set schedule
  • Order and asset movement tracking
  • Capture of delivery feedback
  • Proof of delivery in digital form
  • Routing and in-transit movement that is efficient
  • Fair and transparent cash reconciliation, as well as strong communication among all CEP ecosystem stakeholders, aid in efficiency and optimization.

All of these features contribute to addressing another major issue in the industry: query call volume. Because customers can track their orders in real time, calls about order movement and deliveries are reduced. Customers no longer have to call to inquire about order dispatch or order status.

They can receive automated alerts via SMS, chat, emails, or whatsapp messages, among other methods. Businesses can also schedule these alerts for each milestone along the way to keep customers updated on the status of their orders.  

What are the must-have features in courier delivery management software?

While each stakeholder or operator’s business needs vary depending on the operations and services they provide, we discuss some of the must-have features in a courier management system. As a result, finding the perfect fit becomes more difficult with each passing day. A courier management system must have the following features and functionalities:

  • First-mile operations that are automated in real-time tracking.
  • Customs clearance is made easier with e-documents and declarations.
  • Baggage control. 
  • Monitoring, tracking, and managing hub-to-hub movement
  • Trip creation automation, intelligent dynamic routing, maximum vehicle capacity utilization, and real-time order tracking
  • Communication and hand-offs that are efficient and automated ePoDs and COD management
  • These are some of the features that a courier management software or platform must have.

The importance of courier delivery service for eCommerce  

1) Skilled personnel

Courier delivery service employs qualified individuals with years of courier experience. They make certain that the packages arrive safely at their destination and that the shipping process runs smoothly. The delivery agents of courier delivery services are also professional, which helps businesses gain the trust of their customers. Because there is no direct human interaction between internet companies and their customers, these delivery employees act as their public face.

2) Real time tracking

Porter, a courier delivery service, assists in tracking orders as they are transported. It enables delivery partners to provide tracking updates while also allowing eCommerce businesses to receive these updates. If courier delivery services are used effectively, customers can be provided with real-time tracking information, allowing them to maintain the same level of excitement throughout the delivery process. This also enables eCommerce companies to better track the performance of their delivery partners.

3) Shipping fees

Shipping costs are a critical factor in the success of online retailers. Many customers prioritize shipping costs when comparing online stores. Premium courier delivery services provide accurate and timely delivery at low prices, assisting internet businesses in meeting customer expectations.

4) Assurance and credibility

Customers want a reputable courier service that guarantees the delivery of goods. ECommerce businesses operate with great integrity, strictly adhering to their terms and conditions. 

5) Same-Day shipping

Courier delivery services are well-known for their speed; they aid in the timely delivery of goods. Expert courier delivery services, such as Porter, typically offer couriers immediate delivery. This is known as fast-forward delivery. Although such courier delivery services may charge a little more for express service, the merchandise will be delivered on time.

6) Enhance the customer satisfaction

Customers are the most important aspect of eCommerce businesses. As a result, making them happy should be your top priority in everything you do. Customers require communication from the beginning of their experience. This entails providing a clear courier.


Have you considered incorporating courier marketing into your delivery service business plan? Not only will customer satisfaction rating boost, but it also ensures that your products will be provided in good shape. 

We hope this article has assisted you in determining whether your company can benefit from courier delivery and service software. With the ability to handle so many shipping operations from a single platform, managing orders is easier than ever. We recommend that you start looking for courier delivery software that meets your business needs, regardless of the size of your online store.

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