Do You Have a System that Can Handle the Rush of Holiday Delivery?

Begin thinking about customer service strategies and making changes as needed. According to Statista, there are 4.7 billion people who use social media, and the majority of them are interested in technological products that will improve their lives.

Attempting to plan for overages during the holiday season is a critical error. Instead, plan ahead of time and order supplies to avoid last-minute purchases and other surprises. 

Can your logistics company handle all the deliveries and operations efficiently? There will undoubtedly be an increase in inbound calls as most brands issue statements about delayed deliveries. 

Is your logistics team prepared for the holiday rush? It is easier to say than to do when it comes to creating a seamless customer experience. Contact centers will be overwhelmed by inbound inquiries, brands will have to hire additional staff, reverse logistics will be managed, etc. Agents will have more repetitive tasks on their plates. As a result, you will need to hire additional seasonal staff to handle customer requests. Utilizing a remote contact center solution this holiday season will enable you to provide excellent customer service.

By preparing ahead of time, you can reduce employee and customer anxiety during the holiday season. In this blog, we will go over a few business tips to help you prepare for the holiday rush and stay ahead of the competition.

Following features and ideas to get ready for holiday delivery

Routing and dispatch optimization

Real-time dispatching is a proactive method of dealing with traffic, hazards, and weather, allowing drivers to maintain efficiency in the face of unforeseen circumstances. During the holidays, even a single-day delay can leave you with an unhappy customer, so doing everything you can to reduce delivery times can make all the difference.


Real time tracking and alerts

Tracking deliveries are critical for both the delivery company and the customer. A delivery company can use tracking to optimize routes and determine driver efficiency by receiving feedback and data. It is easy for a delivery customer to schedule events and activities around when valuable packages will arrive, especially during the holidays. The majority of customers expect to know where their packages are and when they are expected to arrive.


Delivery evidence (POD)

POD protects delivery companies from being held liable for missing or damaged packages. POD digitization makes it extremely efficient. A receipt, the signature of the recipient, and/or a photo of the delivered package can all be entered into a database while the driver continues to make deliveries.

Which systems can be improved to make the holiday rush more efficient?

If you’re a third-party logistics company, you’re already behind if you haven’t planned for the end-of-year rush. These could be minor mistakes, larger-scale issues that have benefited your company. Here are 5 key ways to get a head start on next year’s holiday rush never it’s too late to get a head start.


Keep an eye on and update your e-commerce platforms

With online shopping becoming more popular by the year, it’s more important than ever to keep an eye on your e-commerce platforms, particularly the shopping cart. During the holiday rush, customers submit orders at all hours of the day and night, so you must be prepared to handle the load while also satisfying their needs. If your eCommerce platform experienced any issues in the previous year, make sure they are addressed for the coming year. Customers are more likely to place orders with you if they can place them easily.


Staff should be trained in handling procedures

During the busy season, employees are frequently rushed, resulting in lower standards and damaged or destroyed items. The best place to begin is to assess how well you performed during the current peak season and then set goals for next year. As a company, you should strive to maintain your current performance levels and to provide the best possible customer service.


Consult with your partners

Smaller carriers are shipping more items than ever before as a result of online shopping. Even if it takes a little more effort on your part, you want to minimize delays and keep your customers satisfied. Your holiday profits will be boosted by this investment.


Improve the performance of your warehouse management system

What if your order volume doubled tomorrow? Would you be able to keep up? Alternatively, you may want to improve your warehouse management system (WMS). Scalability, flexibility, and seamless integration with your hardware are all key features of the system. The supply chain could be disrupted if it is not handled properly. By documenting the problems you encountered during this last push, you’ll have a good idea of what to fix for next season. 


Consider collaborating with a 3PL

Utilizing a 3PL to outsource your order fulfillment is a great way to be prepared for a sudden spike in orders. The holiday season isn’t the only time to do this. Hopefully, your order volume has been increasing steadily over time, with a few small spikes along the way. The time you save by partnering with a third-party logistics provider can also be used for planning and executing marketing campaigns and iterating on new products. They are the very things that will hopefully result in an increase in your order volume. 

You will benefit long-term from selecting a 3PL that is well suited to your needs. A 3PL with the right core competencies will be a long-term partner interested in driving growth for your company.


In addition, always strive to improve from the previous year until everything is perfect. Your will achieve greater success and remain on top if you do this. Also, with the holidays approaching, both personally and professionally, stress will be unavoidable. Holiday shipping management and overall holiday experience can be improved with some planning and a better understanding of shipping.

To begin, you can devote time to optimising your checkout process. Then examine your inventory management. The shipping process should then be examined. What choices will you provide to customers? The answers aren’t always obvious, but with a little time, effort, and careful planning, you can make holiday shipping a breeze.

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