ManageTeamz – Delivery Management Web App: Version 1.3 Updates

Thank you for all the users of ManageTeamz. With all your suggestions and feedback we are rolling out a new update on ManageTeamz – Delivery management Web panel.

What’s New?

  • Choose your default time zone manually.
  • Make your preferred location as a starting point.
  • Get instant email or sms notification
  • Fetch Individual task mileage report.
  • Assign an order with more details.
  • Gather more details about your employee.

How it works?

1) Choose your default time zone manually

When you Login to your account next time kindly fill the Update Basic Details pop up with your preferred time zone that suit your business location. This feature is introduced because our app users are around the globe and they want to set their own timezone rather fix with one timezone. So if you are in Eastern Time zone, or Pacific or IST, It does not impact your order as you have the flexibility to set your own business timezone.

2) Make your Preferred Location as a starting point

When you Login to your account next time kindly fill the Update Basic Details pop up with your preferred location. So that your dashboard map will begin with your business location.  Right now its defaulted to a common address, but moving further, this loads with your business address as a primary map address point.

3) Get Instant Email/ SMS Notification

When you Login to your account check in the checkboxes in the Update Basic Details pop up to receive email notification of your order to track and a SMS Notification will be sent to your customer for their reviews.

4) Avail Individual task Mileage report

Now you can manage your employee’s individual task mileage report. Click the mileage report on dashboard and manage individual mileage record for a particular order.

5) Assign an order with more details below

Now make your order more detailed with these new fields “Pickup Location”, “Sender Information”, and “Payment Mode”. By these you are allowed to perform both pickup and delivery in a single order.

6) Know more about your employee

In the create employee form we have added multiple fields for the owner convenience to get more relevant details about employee like ”Whatsapp Number” and “Permanent Address”.

About ManageTeamz – ManageTeamz is a complete Delivery Management System. By using our Manageteamz application the business owner can live track all the delivery agents who are currently performing the task. Also the owner can manage all the assigned orders and the GPS history of an individual employee. By having ManageTeamz Delivery management system you can completely make your delivery business more organize and efficient.

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