How Smartphones can Improve Fleet Management?

A smartphone can be an invaluable tool in improving your transport business especially if you have a fleet that needs to be managed. The future of fleet tracking is in your smartphone. GPS fleet tracking software helps small business owners in monitoring their drivers where they want them to go from the office. It will also help you lower operating costs, improve customer service and improve overall efficiency. In a nutshell using a smartphone for fleet management will help you enjoy many benefits. So let’s get into more details of how smartphones can improve fleet management. Below are six benefits of fleet management:

Perform quality checks:

You can conveniently check on your vehicles using your smartphone. Your clients will demand on-time delivery of goods or service appointments. This requires you to make sure that there is good routing and all your services are ready in case of an emergency request of goods or services. If an emergency happens during the night, you will be able to check. Having fleet management tools means that you can you can quickly look where everyone in your fleet is. You will also make random checks at workers and your jobsite.

Perform fleet management tasks in the field:

One of the first ways that your smartphone can improve your efforts is by giving you the ability to manage fleet when you are away from the office. This means that no matter where your work may take you, you can carry the data on your fleet software but only as long as you have internet connection.

Improve customer service:

When potential customers receive good customer care due to fleet management, it is possible for them to continue coming to buy goods and services from you. If you notice a problem with your customer service thanks to fleet management, you will be able to rectify it and improve customer care.

Planning your day with GPS:

When you manage different vehicles at work, you are able to see which vehicle will be left behind and how many goods will be delivered in a day. You will also get to see if your fleet starts on time and if it doesn’t, you will be able to check if there is a problem and will know how to solve it. If a customer or client whose goods were to be delivered to him or her has an emergency like a burst tire, you will be able to send the nearest vehicle to help him or her carry the goods.

Earning new business:

Good customer service and arrival of goods or services on time will bring in more clients. More clients will then bring more earnings, which may even help you develop a new business.


GPS tracking will help if one of your vehicles is stolen or missing. You will be able to track the exact location the vehicle is. This helps your drivers and employees to feel safe while at work.

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