Myths Busted About Switching To a Fleet Management Company

Entrepreneurs in delivery-based businesses that involve handling their fleet of vehicles have started understanding the need for prudently managing both the vehicles and staff. Monitoring the behavior of drivers and efficiently tracking your vehicles have been facilitated by the state-of-the-art Fleet Tracking App.

Productivity  and safety are improved considerably!

How Does the Modern Fleet Tracking App Help Businesses?

Several fleet managers and business owners happen to view GPS fleet tracking app as an expense. But the truth is far from this misconception – when used in the proper way, this technology offers great ROI. Facilitating better intelligence about the different factors of your fleet operations, this innovative app helps optimize routes, reduce labor hours, and eliminate idle time.

Misconceptions Abound About Switching to a Fleet Management Service

With other workplace responsibilities and diversions, small business owners in fleet business may sometimes not recognize the importance of fleet and staff management. The following are a few of the reasons why they are averse to availing professional fleet management solutions:

  • Trust about drivers leads them to think that GPS tracking is not necessary for their business
  • They are afraid of employee attrition when real-time tracking is used
  • Fleet management app is considered too complex to install and use, according to them
  • Entrepreneurs are of the opinion that their business is too small for fleet tracking and management
  • Not wanting to lose control over their fleet – they may think they will lose their grip over the fleet and personnel

No business is too small for effectively managing its fleet of vehicles and ensuring its people!

Features of the Fleet Tracking App

  • Trips and driving behavior can be recorded
  • Requires no hardware
  • Free mobile app that can be used on any preferred mobile device
  • Automatic update to newer versions
  • Real-time monitoring of vehicles and drivers
  • Verification of working condition of vehicles
  • Ensuring that vehicles are where they need to be
  • Overview of vehicles as well as their proximity to others

Advantages of Using the Fleet Tracking App

  • Fuel consumption is reduced
  • Vehicles’ wear and tear can be reduced
  • Idle time is minimized
  • Savings in labor time can be achieved
  • Improved safety ensures that accidents are reduced
  • Customer billing can be accurately done
  • Theft and malpractices can be eliminated

Track your Vehicles and personnel on the go – using your smartphone!!

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