How Manageteamz helps your delivery business?

Get started with your account by provide the personal details of your business hassle-free.You can cherry-pick your current timezone and enter your business address location correspondingly.

In the interactive dashboard, you will get to know the entire information related to orders.It includes Status of the orders (Delivered, Allocated to Agents, Unallocated ones), Available Delivery Agents, Allocated Delivery Agents,Live Location Tracking,etc..

Start Assigning orders in the queue to the delivery agents.Enter the information related to the Pickup location,Time,Product details,and the desired customer who will receive it.

Delivery Agents can quickly fill therir personal details such as Name, Mobile Number, Type Of Vehicle,Current Status, Contact Information (Email Address,Permanent Address),etc.

Filter out the Delivery Agents who are currently available to deliver the orders and allocate the orders to those.

Pick out specific orders to know detailed information.It includes particulars such as live location of the product,date of delivery,the route of the delivery,assigned Delivery Agent,etc...

Managing the entire profile is simple and intuitive without any complexities.One can customize the profile and business information whenever changes have to be done.

In addition to web application,Manageteamz is also available as a featured mobile application on Play Stores and App Stores.Delivery Agents find it easy to view & accept the orders, find optimized routes with GPS, and deliver them.

Whenever an order is allocated to a delivery agent, the person can accept the order depending on the location and availability.Once accepted,the application comes with an integrated Map.

While delivering the order,there is an additional feature meant for the enhancement.The agent can collect the feedback and Proof of Delivery via Signature to ensure the product is delivered.

On the other hand, customers can also track the live location of the product.Every product comes with an ID and information of the product with a link that is sent via SMS to them.

Feature that navigates to the delivery location with its distance & time.

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