How ManageTeamz meets the demand of the future in the delivery business?

Customer expectations are increasing day by day. They not only expect products to be damage-free but also that they have an excellent presentation. Transportation and Logistics providers find it difficult to meet the increasing demands for instant delivery, free shipping, etc which is now possible with the right mix of technological advancements.

In particular, the pandemic situation across the globe has caused the logistics industry to face numerous challenges with the transportation and delivery process. Added, the United States has also faced storm challenges. Technology was the only possible solution to tackle these situations.

ManageTeamz has thus framed a few strategies to meet the complexities and future challenges of customers efficiently.

Role of ManageTeamz in meeting the future business challenges:

Over the past couple of years, global package shipping volume has increased by 48%, mostly driven by the ongoing growth of eCommerce. Though this is good for business, it is also putting a lot of additional strain on the delivery and courier services.

To cope up with the future, technology can create efficient supply chains and deliveries for tomorrow. The next few years and decades for the industry could look very different as the following changes may come into play!

We would use the following set of technologies for handling complexities:

1. Artificial intelligence

Over the last few years, the logistics industry has started to combine Artificial Intelligence to come up with solutions such as intelligent transportation, route planning, and demand planning in their operations.

Right from last-mile delivery robots and sustainable solutions to warehouse automated picking systems, and predictive optimization software. Artificial Intelligence is already making a huge disruption in the Logistics industry. Shippers, carriers, suppliers, and consumers can all expect to benefit from this technology.

2.The Internet of Things

Nowadays, many devices, vehicles, and more include in-built Wi-Fi and sensors, enabling you to turn on your light with the app on your phone. This technology can connect with different devices with which information is gathered via sensors. Combined with the tracking capabilities provided by Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, the logistics, and delivery industry is becoming more efficient.

For instance, RFID sensors attached to products and delivery vehicles themselves provide a much more transparent and accurate way of tracking deliveries. This can be great for offering customers an enhanced experience and also transmitting information to delivery workers, tracking items, and informing drivers if there is an issue.


Right from the year 2008, Blockchain is offering numerous benefits to its customers and is considered to be one of the overhyped logistics trends in the industry. Blockchain is an open ledger of transactions distributed among computers in a given network.

Everyone on the shared Blockchain has access to the same ledger of transactions, there is complete transparency that makes it impossible to hack the system which eliminates the need for this-party involvement. In the logistics industry, this could make it much easier for different carriers or shippers to share sensitive data and companies could create trade finance and supply chain solutions easily.

4.Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility

We are focusing on implementing cutting-edge logistics delivery management software  for business operations that can meet the needs of the business’s future. By leveraging technology that enables instant response to change by allowing companies to use real-time data that includes traffic patterns, weather, or road and port conditions.

With this, businesses can take action and reshape demand or redirect supply ad optimize routes easily. Logistics companies that fully integrate Supply Chain Visibility can see 20% more efficiency, than those without integration.

To Close:

ManageTeamz looks for all challenges in the Logistics industry and figures out new solutions to handle them effectively. Our framed strategies would make businesses stand out from the crowd. Meanwhile, you can check out the features we have in our application to know more about us!

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