How ManageTeamz ensures in maintaining affordable and clean energy in Transport Industry?

SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy


Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy to all is one of the Agendas in the SDG. Universal access to energy, increased energy efficiency and the increased use of renewable energy through new economic and job opportunities is crucial to creating more sustainable and inclusive communities and resilience to environmental issues like climate change. Addressing the issue not only urges the need for a change in the energy sector but also the need of technology that can enhance the usage of the energy resources in various industry sectors. One such platform is ManageTeamz which will change the way the transport industry is using the fuel or energy by helping them reduce the usage by around 28% based on our client’s experience. This enables Social, Economic and environmental impacts to the way things work in the transport industry.

What is ManageTeamz(MT)?

ManageTeamz enables the transport industry with dynamic plans of delivery services with a reliable, sustainable and modern transportation solution. In its primitive stages of development MT was designed for the delivery dispatch system and then progressed into a comprehensive delivery management system that forms the backbone for many ecommerce businesses. Over the course of years it soon became a popular tool for on-demand delivery apps with futuristic plans laid for making powerful Fleet Management Systems.”

ManageTeamz addresses most of the critical productivity challenges faced in the Transport, Logistics and Delivery industry. Route Optimization, Location Accuracy and Driver Management are some of the key features of ManageTeamz which will directly have an impact in the way the industry works. The Route Optimization helps in directing the drivers in the right direction with the best possible route to reach their destination on time. It reduces the time taken, distance travelled and the consumption of energy in any form. In Transport and Logistics industry energy wastage accounts for a significant percentage of economic and environmental impact. In the ecommerce industry it enables to accelerate the delivery of the product by guiding the drivers with pinpoint accuracy and effective routes to handle their first/last mile deliveries with ease. The drivers / agents can be managed from anywhere with access to all their data in a single loop. It works as a unified tracking of the delivery process with respect to the transport industry.

Naturally the ManageTeamz provide a platform for both the existing and the future transport models by enabling them to make a transformation by reducing the emission, consumption and the other aspects of the industry which directly or indirectly have an impact on the Ecosystem.

Ensuring Affordable and Clean energy in Transport Industry with ManageTeamz:

The world’s growing energy need, along with the increase population led to the continual use of fossil fuel-based energy sources by the transport industry. The industry is currently looking for an alternate form of energy to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.  The need for completely restructuring the transport industry is rapidly arising. This is where ManageTeamz comes into play the usage of technology in shaping the industry will help them reduce the Greenhouse gas impacts on the environment. The features such as Route Optimization, Real Time Tracking, Location Accuracy and Driver Management enable us to reduce the waste of energy in any form. Even if the industry switches to any other form of energy proper and responsible consumption will the key in making the energy affordable and clean. Using these services will not only have an economic impact but also an environmental impact by reducing the traffic congestion and emission. It is a Sustainable Transport Management System that not only reduces the CO2 emission by 31% but also helps us in improving both the energy efficiency and profit. You may be surprised even a slower moving traffic has a huge role to play in polluting the air.

By integrating the current platform with IoT concepts we can bring a change in the transport industry by making the vehicles on the road to interact with one another. It will have a greater impact when implemented on a larger scale by the government agencies. The usage of Public transport and Shared services will increase when technology comes into their aid to overcome the obstacles they face now. On the whole, ManageTeamz holds the platform for the future transportation model and drives progress towards SDG 7 achievement.


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