How to Enhance Delivery Driver Communications with ManageTeamz?

ManageTeamz, the premier Delivery application to help businesses deliver products for various businesses. We always consider communication and customer satisfaction as our primary goals for our application and we work towards achieving them.

Here we have discussed the ways through which we enhance delivery driver communications in our application.

4 Major ways implemented to efficiently deliver enhanced driver communication:

Easy Communication

With ManageTeamz’s Delivery Driver Tracking App , drivers can experience simple and easy communication strategies. In the past, drivers would contact the managers or exporters only if there are any issues associated with the delivery process.

However, our application enables drivers to communicate with dispatchers and managers in real-time with no complexities with also additionally paying attention to vehicle operations, delivery routing, scheduling, and other important features to optimize their driving experience.

Driver-to-driver communication is also possible with ManageTeamz. In case, if they have any sort of queries, they are open to connecting with other drivers in a hassle-free manner. Any issues can easily be solved with also minimizing delays in the delivery process.

Added, drivers find it easier to deliver the products to the desired customers without any further issues or delays it. Drivers can communicate with drivers, exporters, managers, dispatchers, and also customers via ManageTeamz through three modes.

1. Voice Call

They are open to making a voice call to any of the above persons in case of any complex issues and to get in touch with them effectively.

2. Video Call

We have also attached this facility however, can be used only if there is a need.

3. Messaging feature

If in case, any of the above persons fail to pick their calls, messaging feature is available where they can live chat with them along with sending images or other documents if required.

We have also planned to integrate additional features for easy communication of drivers with others using ManageTeamz.


With the ManageTeamz application, drivers can get to use one interface to view the entire information which they require for their daily delivery operations. Drivers can obtain real-time data of the customers in order to answer the queries of the customers as well.

For instance, if customers reach out to them for the exact time for delivery, the delivery agent can identify the customer with the available records for the day and provide them with the relevant contact information for the specific customer.

In addition to contact details, drivers can get to know the feasible and optimized route to reach the destination with also added Proof of Delivery feature in it. With this feature, customers can easily record their feedback and proof that they have received it.

This feature also eliminates unwanted paperwork and can help businesses to customize their business operations based on their customer expectations. Moreover, deliveries can be confirmed via Photo ID, e-Signature, barcode scanning, etc.

Companies can also stay with these details and verify if the driver has delivered the product to the right customer without any delays.

Note:  Due to security factors, we have integrated a feature where a driver would receive the details of the customer only when he/she accepts the order. Until then the agent would know the pickup & drop location only. Once accepted, drivers can get to know the optimized route, contact information of the customer, etc.

Delivery Information

Drivers have all the information of the delivery which they need at their fingertips. It includes Customer Contact & Delivery Information, Pickup & Drop Locations, Delivery history, and billing information as well.


Hence, drivers don’t need to waste their time making calls to dispatchers or managers regarding the delivery process since they have the complete detail related to the delivery and customer information in their hands.

Moreover, ManageTeamz can keep track of delivery performance during the day and get real-time as well as a historical report of deliveries. A good driver app will empower drivers and make their work efficient.

Customer Service

ManageTeamz offers the exact pickup and drops location as stated by the business. With the real-time optimized routes and route navigation tools, drivers don’t need to worry about searching for customers or which route to take.

Multiple pick-ups and drop locations will enable instant deliveries with an increased number of orders being delivered with accuracy and efficiency. If in case drivers find it challenging to deliver with the increased traffic or other issues, they can easily send a message to your customers on this.


Undoubtedly, ManageTeamz is still enhancing the application with new features. If you belong to a business that requires product delivery to your customers, you can leverage ManageTeamz for it!

You can have a look at our application to know the additional features which we have integrated into it. Meanwhile, if you have queries, get in touch with us instantly.

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