From Manual to Automation: How ManageTeamz is Aiming for the Future?

Even though we have come a long way since technological innovation, we are collectively moving towards automation. Data engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, cloud engineering, and almost everything is laying the foundation for an effective automation system. Automation has already penetrated various industries. Manufacturing industries are already leveraging automation processes to increase the precision, efficiency, and pace of the product.

The logistics industry is a complex and rigid industry that’s made up of a variety of moving parts. Global industries depend upon the logistics industry to function efficiently. Large scale commercialization is simply impossible without the logistics industry. Right from the procurement of raw materials to exporting a finished product, the logistics department plays an important role.

Implementing automation in such a volatile industry can do wonders to the sectors that are dependent on it. This is a trillion-dollar industry, which means that optimization at even a smaller scale will help save a fortune. Also, the industry is more unorganized and the data accumulation is sloppier than ever. Digitalization is the only way to make some practical development in this field.

Most of the time, the data involved in the logistics industry is complex and the source is hardly reliable. If not for digitization, there would have been inevitable losses and overall inefficiency in the processes. ManageTeamz leverages the digital platform to optimize the whole industry of logistics. If the current conditions exist, the logistics industry will soon be valued at nearly $6.6 trillion. Even a small level of optimization could save a ton of operational costs. Hence the need for a digital perspective!

So, what’s ManageTeamz and How does it works?

ManageTeamz is a SaaS solution, specifically designed for streamlining global logistics operations. It is an all-in-one digital solution to maintain the resources involved in the delivery operations, more importantly, the human capital. Human capital is an integral resource when it comes to delivery management and managing it can open up whole new opportunities for.

However, we speculate that the future of the logistics industry will be heavily dominated by automation processes, robotics, and Artificial Intelligence in the near future. ManageTeamz has aligned itself towards the future of the logistics industry. Even a delivery auto allocation software can make wonders in any delivery system.

ManageTeamz has a lot of practical and real-time features that can take an enormous load off your back. For convenience, let us segregate the features into 2 parts- driver and admin.

Features for admin

Driver management

You can manage your entire fleet of drivers in a single touch. The order allocation is done by the system which depends on various factors like the driver availability, time to reach the destination, the distance between them, etc. You can also manage the driver information and activities under the same application. This helps you with the identification of the employee metrics.

Report and analytics

Operational managers or admins could easily understand their work progress and daily activities through reports. An in-built reporting system will track all the available data and analyze it to identify areas that can be improved. We have incorporated an advanced data analytics system for increased system efficiency.


As said earlier, our software uses the “auto-allocation” feature to designate orders for the delivery executives. Our order allocation system depends on many factors including the distance between the executive and the order, urgency of the delivery, status of the delivery executive, reliability of the executives, etc.

Live tracking

Admins can track a delivery executive’s location precisely. The accuracy of the tracking system is otherworldly. It doesn’t matter how many delivery executives you have got under your fleet; you can simply track their live locations in a click.

Features for driver

Route optimization

This is one of the most important features in our application that is honed to perfection. We have incorporated a high-level route optimization system in our software to help find the most efficient route from one point to another. This significantly reduces the delivery time and can be used to improve the overall metrics of the delivery executives. It can also identify the traffic intensity and adjust the routes accordingly.

Driver dashboard

Unlike any other dashboard, we have designed ours to maintain a minimalistic experience in our software. Drivers don’t have to break a sweat to see their performance or to monitor their metrics. All the information they need is just a glance away. They could straight-up see their upcoming orders, the status of the active orders, distance, etc. within a second.

Proof of delivery

We are all about solving problems in the logistics industry. And one of the most embarrassing things for a brand is when customers don’t receive the product they paid for. This could affect the brand image of the business and could lose a potential loyal customer. More often, this issue is either tied to the delivery executive or remains unresolved. To avoid such confusion, we have included a feature called “proof of delivery” to check if the customer has received their order. The e-signature and photo are mandatory for delivery to complete. If there is any mishap, we could track down the root of the problem in a short time span and resolve the customer’s issue.

Wrapping this up,

As you can see, all these features came from a single point- to solve a particular problem in the logistics industry. We use technology as a medium to solve these problems. Our software already uses AI to its fullest. It holds a lot of promises in the future. We have enough space for the integration of any future technologies like Robotic Process Automation and Business Process Automation to streamline the logistics operations even more. The rise of the human-less delivery system in the pandemic has redefined the delivery management systems.


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