How To Improve The Last Mile Delivery Service With Delivery Management Software?

Delivery-based business world is full of hectic activity in order to honor the on-demand delivery commitments to customers. Last mile logistics – the final step in the delivery process between a distribution facility and the end customer – is the crucial last mile delivery that makes or breaks your delivery-based business and its reputation.  With an exponential growth in e-commerce business activities, entrepreneurs have rightly identified last mile logistics to be the cornerstone that drives growth while increasing profitability.

Last mile delivery management is crucial to contemporary E-commerce

Significance of Managing Last Mile Delivery

Not just online mode of sales and purchase, contemporary brick and mortar retailers are seeking novel ways for delivering goods to consumers in a fast and efficient way, to stay in the race. Needless to say, the last mile of delivery proves to be the most critical step in a delivery-based business, whatever the goods or services being offered.

It is choice and convenience that customers look for, today. Not just place of delivery, people want to have their own choice on the time of delivery as well, according to their preference. The recent shift from E-Commerce to M-commerce has not only necessitated technology-driven solutions but also solutions for complex logistics and supply chain ecosystem. The answer to this from technology is the modern Last-Mile Delivery Management Software.

Key Features in the Last Mile Delivery Management Software

To come across the problematic bottleneck of last mile delivery in the entire delivery process, modern business owners depend on the last mile delivery management software. The following are the key features in this software that enable you to tackle the issue:

  • Optimized and automated rout planning: The intelligent algorithm in the efficient last mile delivery management system is capable of considering the unique characteristics of the customer’s location and possible transport modes to this location. By analyzing the local maps and attributes of different modes of transport, this route optimization algorithm produces the best possible delivery route for each and every shipment.
  • Real-time tracking facility: Real-time tracking of each ongoing trip keeps managers up-to-date with the delivery progress so that they are enabled to respond promptly or react to customer demands. It provides details of the exact location of your delivery staff and their estimated time of arrival enables further planning. Diversion of a vehicle, if any, from the planned route can be monitored in real-time. Monitoring whether vehicles and drivers are following the planned stops and routes is made possible.
  • Mobile integration: Business owners and managers are busy with several activities in the modern world. Remote access to technology by using mobile devices has become a basic need for businesses today. The innovative last mile delivery management software offers easy and convenient access by not only desktop computers but also any internet-enabled mobile device.
  • Comprehensive reporting system: The software helps produce professional reports from the stored records; all essential trip details and related factors are reported in effective way.

Unique Challenges in the Last Mile Delivery

With changes come challenges to business processes. Managing a delivery-based business comes with its own pack of unique challenges. When it comes to the last mile delivery in urban locations, navigating traffic and parking regulations increases fuel costs. Consumers are demanding visibility and speed in an increasingly more manner at every stage of delivery. Proper scheduling and instant delivery being the prime needs of customers, it is essential to have a robust delivery management system in place.

Technology comes to the aid of solving last mile delivery challenges

Exclusive Benefits of the Driver delivery Management Software

  • Improved customer experience: Single and multiple pick-up as well as drop algorithms ensure efficient route optimization and planning. This enables fast and free delivery, flexible choices of delivery, and updated delivery tracking. This greatly improves customer experience.
  • Electronic Proof of delivery: Image, timestamp, and signature possible in electronic mode.
  • Real-time ETA estimate: Updated estimated time of arrival helps customers to keep in touch with the delivery process all the time.
  • Interactive planning dashboard: Analysis of entire delivery network is made possible.
  • Dynamic re-routing: Considering the various parameters such as customer location, traffic and weather conditions, and time preferences of customers, routing may be planned ahead and changed, if needed.
  • Effective communication and improved relationship: With the customers constatntly in the loop via notifications, they are constantly kept posted about the delivery process; customer relationship improves.
  • Allotment and managing orders is smooth: Automatic analytics and effective reporting ensures managing orders efficiently.

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