Innovative Pathways to achieve Responsible Consumption and Production for Creating Sustainable Cities and Communities by leveraging ManageTeamz

Sustainable Development Goals:

SDG 11 & 12: Sustainable Cities and Communities & Responsible Consumption and Production

Sustainable cities and Communities can be created only if Responsible Consumption and Production of resources is attained at each level of the future development process. The growing population and the increasing global warming brings up the need for Responsible Consumption and Production of resources in any form. We must make use of what we need and save what is in excess to reduce its impact on the environment. By effectively reducing the consumption of Natural resources, fossil fuels and reducing the production of non-environment friendly products Sustainable cities and communities can be made possible for the future generation. It is the duty of all of us to work together for creating sustainable cities and communities with futuristic plans and ensure that it is prepared for any catastrophic situations. The governments must prepare sustainable policies by adopting modern technologies which can empower them to effectively manage the changes. ManageTeamz is a platform that can enhance the usage of Public transport among the masses and play a major role in the reduction of Green House Gas(GHS) emission in the transport industry. It is a Sustainable transport Management system that can reduce both the environmental and economical impact on a Nation.

How ManageTeamz can be leveraged?

Sustainable development involves development without harming the nature which means responsible usage of the resource available. Making use of technology will help in enhancing the usage of resources to its full potential. “The future is prone to vulnerable changes”. Creating Sustainable cities and communities puts forth many challenges in front of us which can be handled with the help of modern technologies. People from different walks of life are moving towards urban areas for a better living. In the recent years more than 55% of the population around the world is living in urban areas and it is expected to move beyond 68 % over the decade to come. The urbanization will happen at in faster rate in developing countries. The migration cannot be stopped but we can help them lead a sustainable life by enabling the cities with modern sustainable technologies. With this, there are multiple sustainability strategy consulting firms that are working seamlessly to enhance sustainability across the world. Speaking of sustainable technologies ManageTeamz is a platform that will enable the transport industry to undergo sustainable changes.

“Cities occupy just 3 percent of the Earth’s land but account for 60 to 80 percent of energy consumption and at least 70 percent of carbon emissions”

The transport industry in whole is revamping itself with technological advancements. When a Sustainable transport management system like ManageTeamz is brought into effect it reduces the impacts caused by the transport industry in the environment and enhance the economic aspect of it. The platform can act as a Delivery Management system, Fleet Management system, Transport Management system, Vehicle Tracking system, Route Optimizing system, Proof of Delivery (POD) Management system and Agent Management system. When implemented on a larger scale it ensure improved access to public transport system and shared services there by reducing the emission of harmful gases, traffic and over usage of vehicles. For the delivery industry, it helps in enhancing the delivery experience for the customers with real-time tracking, route optimization, Proof of Delivery and On-time delivery. Managing the employees is always a tedious process but when effectively managed the benefits are fruitful for both the employer and the employee. The delivery agents and the Field agents (Insurance, Medical, Sales reps) can be efficiently deployed and managed. The Geo Fencing, Location Accuracy and the reporting process empowers the employers to keep track of their activities and keep them notified about the tasks assigned. All the above stats indicated the responsible consumption of energy by reducing the distance travelled, control over energy usage and pollutant emission.

“The energies are depleting at a faster rate than we expect”

This will influence the authorities in creating a sustainable transport model for Sustainable Cities and Communities. When integrated with latest technologies like IOT brings in connected systems and devices and hence enabling the vehicles to communicate with one another while on road to prevent accidents, traffic jam, fuel wastage which helps in designing the traffic control systems for the future. Sustainable cities and communities should be planned to adopt for the growing population in urban areas in all aspects. ManageTeamz platform creates a sustainable means of business opportunities for the people migrating towards urban areas. The platform creates a way for inclusive development.

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