How ManageTeamz helps delivery business to protect their customer data?

ManageTeamz, the premier Delivery management software is now featured with the rights of protecting customer data. As we have already dealt with numerous customer delivery operations, we have also dealt with the data which we safeguard with certain regulatory procedures.

In this blog, we have discussed the top 5 ways which we leverage for our business to protect our customer data with great care.

5 Ways ManageTeamz can protect Customer data:

Since data breaches are on the rise and their impact is predicted to affect companies as well as customers, it is the responsibility of every business to protect their data and get rid of smart cyber attacks happening every day.

If you consider regulations such as GDPR, they are on the great increase with its practices. Similarly, customer data protection should also be taken into account by companies. We people at ManageTeamz are well-aware of this and have implemented the following factors to protect the customer data.

1. PDPA Compliance

Initially, we implement PDPA Compliance (Personal Data Protection Act). Singapore Government has made this rule a mandatory one and we people abide by them. This law is here to govern the collection, use, and disclosure of personal data by all private organizations.

This act is in effect right from 2014 and we people are implementing this act to protect our customer data. As the data deals with factors such as:

  • Purpose Limitation which means data can be disclosed only when purposes are defined.
  • Notifying the customer on data collection.
  • Protecting the data from unauthorized access as well as modification.
  • Do-Not-Call factor to ensure businesses do not send any marketing messages to customers.
  • Designating an officer to publish his/her data.
  • Retaining personal data only for legal purposes and securely destroy personal data when it is no longer needed.
  • Making sure that personal data is accurate and complete during collection or making the decision.

All the above strategies are taken into consideration and have implemented the PDPA Compliance act for our customers. When it comes to ManageTeamz, here is the process we undertake with this regulatory act:

  • Drivers cannot view the contact or personal information of the customer except the destination before the person accepts the order.
  • Once the order is accepted from Driver’s end, the data become visible in order to deliver it to the right customer along with the contact details.

2. Providing a place for complaints

In our ManageTeamz application, we always gather feedback section from the customer. If in case they find issues with their personal data usage or other concerns, they can easily register their complaints or feedback.

In such a way, we enhance customer communication and also build trust and loyalty with our customers instantly. If there are important concerns, we also sort them out perfectly without any delays for them and resolving them as soon as possible.

3. Communicating with customers

A privacy policy is a legal document that customers find hard to read. However, they do accept the simple and clear description of company data practices that they use. It includes strategies such as policy changes, adding new features to the product or services, etc.

Privacy advocates and industry groups such as the Online Trust Alliance recommend direct and upfront communication with customers about data you collect and your plans for using it. That’s especially important for small companies without recognized brands that people know and trust.

Most consumers will happily supply personal data necessary for a service they want. For instance, Amazon.com keeps purchase data and uses it to deliver product recommendations that millions of customers embrace.

4. Minimizing data collection and retention

Privacy advocates recommend companies can collect and store only data that they need to deliver for their product or services. Sometimes businesses gather additional information since they think might need them in the future.

However, doing this can increases risk. As the data can be stolen or attacked by hackers, and customers can even raise a complaint if they have any issues with these intrusive questions. Hence, data should be collected and retained only when needed.

5. Securing the data

Even though it doesn’t take credit card numbers, other personal data you keep should be valuable to identify fraudsters. It is embarrassing not to mention costly and damaging, to tell customers their personal information has been compromised in a hack.

And such disclosure usually requires legal approval. So, make sure you have secure networks, a database, and a website.


ManageTeamz is not associated with instant delivery but also secure data that involves the customer. Moreover, we always ensure we add new features to our application seamlessly to help out our customers with a hassle-free delivery process.

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