Language is not an obstacle anymore: Manageteamz is now available in the Arabic language

Technology and problem solving go hand-in-hand in this era of digitalization. One of the main reasons why there is a boom in the IT sector is because of the simple fact that technology has transformed from a mere luxury to a part of something bigger, the thought process of humanity. The thought process of humanity, how much evolved and complex it may look, has reached a saturation point until the arrival of digitalization. The ability of humans to separate the problem-solving capability and incorporate it into a totally inanimate object would sound like witchcraft in the early days. Despite this lack of motivation and friction, technology has grown exponentially and laid the foundation for something bigger only because of its ability to solve problems. If not for problem-solving, technology wouldn’t have grown to this state.

The thing about problem-solving is, it’s more contextual than anything. There are few natural obstacles that one has to overcome to provide effective solutions to problems, one of the biggest being language. The language barrier is one of the biggest obstacles that many organizations and governments face when creating an omnipotent system. Combine this with the fact that technological development is fueled by silicon valley, we have a complex problem in our hands. It is no big surprise that many technological developments have English as its main language since it was developed there. There are nearly 6000 languages in the world. Nearly 75% of the world population doesn’t speak English at all!

This staggering number is not to be taken lightly as many businesses depend on the common people for monetizing their operations. There should be a change in business model and design when the product or service cannot be understood by the majority. Manageteamz has identified this problem and has started to develop a strategy to overcome this particular issue. The interface language is now available in Arabic too. Customers can now choose their language of choice while using the application.


ManageTeamz is created to overcome the problems faced in the delivery operations of the companies and provide solutions for organizations that are exclusively focused on logistics and delivery systems. This moto makes the application suitable for organizations of large scale and also small startups. Due to the nature of the clients that opt for the Manageteamz software, we find it best to introduce the Arabic language as one of the interface’s languages. This would help a great deal in the optimization of the delivery business. There is no need to spend those extra bucks where you search for delivery agents who are bilingual. In this time of the pandemic, the incorporation of regional language into technology would make it easier for both the parties- businesses and customers.

As you are no longer confined with the language barrier, you now have a chance for hitting wider markets. A wider market translates into potential leads, and no amount of potential leads is enough for a business. Estimates suggest that nearly 420 million people speak Arabic around the globe. Congratulations, your target audience has just increased exponentially. Though it may look like an overwhelming number, we should remember that great brands to exist in the world have started by providing the product and testing it out in the local market. Only when it has become a hit in the local market, they introduce it to the world.


In case you are wondering about the importance of satisfying the local market, you should remember that popular food chain giants like McDonald’s started out by providing simple solutions for their country people. Only when they have honed their skills to the greatest extent and covered their grounds in the local market, they started to expand their operations to the world and emerged as one of the best fast food places on earth. When you place your product or service at the local market, there will be no shortage of feedbacks and you could easily identify the areas you need to work on to optimize the product.

Above all, it is a moral obligation for a business to provide their service or content to people in their own language so that people are not misinformed about it. People could understand more about the product or services you provide and will get a better idea of what you are selling. This will develop mutual respect and bond between the business and customer to which is very important if you are focusing on creating a brand for yourself!!!

Manageteamz is proud that it can serve a wider audience and at the same time overcome a common obstacle by hearing out the customers’ needs. We will not be stopping here. We will work towards incorporating other languages into the software in near future.

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