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We’re in the era of the world, where right from raising to lying down, everything is managed in our hands. These increased customer expectations have resulted in developing a solution with all the advanced features which meet their needs.

In recent days, delivery management software has gained importance among the people. Most of the successful startups have implemented this strategy primarily to gain revenues. If you have one such idea, you could also be one such successful startup!

ManageTeamz: How can it enhance your business?

Delivery Management Software is nowadays considered as the most profitable business of the year. ManageTeamz is one such delivery tracking application that can manage the complete delivery process of businesses. 

ManageTeamz application is developed to automate the complete process of product delivery. Thus, businesses can enhance the opportunity of efficiency and also enhance the team’s productivity to a greater extent. 

The platform comes with a unique featured dashboard particularly for Admin who can allocate tasks to the Drivers, keep track of the location, fill up the customer details, etc. Hence customers can be engaged effectively.

The logistics industry can easily be disrupted with the ManageTeamz application. It can be easily integrated with any kind of software irrespective of how complex they are! This can streamline the business processes of various industries such as Food Delivery, Couriers, Flowers, Medicines, etc.

The major motto of the application is to resolve the real-time business challenges faced by businesses. Moreover, the application is loaded with a good number of features which a delivery application should have mandatorily. 

This end-to-end delivery tracking software doesn’t just stop with refining the business operations but also increased customer satisfaction. 

Here are the major features of the application:

1. Real-Time Tracking

The application comes with an accurate GPS tracking facility where drivers can be lively tracked. Hence, companies can stay informed about the location and thereby can answer the queries of the customers if raised. 

This can offer a smooth as well as faster delivery. Both companies, as well as customers, can get to know the route taken by the drivers, the time taken to reach the destination, pickup timings, etc. This can result in increased transparency. 

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2. Route Optimization

Most of the companies feel there is a heavy wastage of energy and fuel due to traveling through unoptimized routes. To eliminate this, ManageTeamz comes with the feature of optimizing the route for drivers.

This can track better in real-time with also offering faster delivery to the customers. Increased customer satisfaction is a mandatory thing for every business.  

3. Hassle-free integration & customization

Customizing the application is now an easy task. You can integrate easily with any third-party applications to keep track of product delivery. Regardless of the type of delivery, the software is built to support multi-purposes.

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4. Proof of Delivery

To make sure the product is delivered to the right customer, the application comes with a Proof of Delivery feature. This means that the customer can get signed in the form of an e-signature as proof. It also allows one to collect customer feedback and ratings to enhance the delivery process as well as the product

5. Instant access to reports

Admins can now access any of the reports of any time instantly. The application allows accessing the details of customers, drivers, and other sub-admins dealing with ManageTeamz. With the collected data, Admins or the company heads can predict various parameters such as Peak hours, total revenue, Kms drove by drivers, present and past customer data, needs of them, etc. 

6. Eliminates Additional costs

As discussed above, the application cuts-off the unwanted costs and saves time, energy. This can be helpful for most businesses.

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ManageTeamz is now at GITEX!

With all the overwhelmed features in the application and positive reviews from the clients, ManageTeamz is now set to participate in GITEX Technology Week, the most popular Tech Event globally. The event is happening at the Dubai Trade Center between December 6 – 10 of this month!

ManageTeamz has framed multiple strategies to help the businesses out there with GITEX as the primary platform! If you are one such business, this can be a perfect opportunity to scale them! 

Come, Join Us now and enhance your business!

For more information Contact ManageTeamz

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