Role of ManageTeamz in Industry Innovation and Infrastructure in the Fourth Industrial Revolution for Decent Work and Economic growth

It is inevitable that Technology is going to be a part of global change that is going to be presided by the Industry Innovation and Infrastructure in the 4th Industrial Revolution that has begun. It has become the integral part of many nations strategy towards achieving the 2030 SDG goals. The enduring use of technology by developing and under developed nations will empower them to create a sustainable environment for the future generation. When talking about the future it is necessary to devise a plan which can be used as a tool to improve the economic status of the people around the world. When the 4th Industrial Revolution kicks in with full force technology will be the core aspect that will innovate and revolutionize the Industries. ManageTeamz is a platform designed to innovate the transport industry. It enhances the transport industry to address its approach towards reducing its impact in the environment and creating new business opportunities. The 4IR is being implemented on large scale by governments around the world. Many countries are pushing their way up to become global leaders in 4IR and to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).


Developing nations are implementing technologies to improve their economic status and to provide strategic employment opportunity to the masses.  Transport industry is among the industries that provide adequate number of employment opportunities. When a platform like ManageTeamz is leveraged by the transport industry it creates new business opportunities thus creating employment opportunity for the people.  The logistics and supply chain industry is adopting technologies that can used to digitalize and revolutionize the industry. The evolution in the industry has increased the number of job opportunities to the skilled youths who can take the industry to the next level with the help of technology. By improving the access to technology in developing and under developed nation the transport industry can make a positive impact on the country’s economy.

In the years to come there will be an enormous shift in the transport industry powered by Technology

ManageTeamz can steer the transport industry towards the SDG goals. It enables to create more jobs both directly and indirectly in the industry. It is a known fact that unmanned and autonomous vehicles will occupy a considerable amount of space in the transport industry in the decades to come. The Logistics companies are upgrading themselves by deploying automated loading and unloading vehicles in their warehouses which can be effectively managed with the help of ManageTeamz. Optimal usage of the vehicles can be made possible. When ManageTeamz is clubbed with IoT it prevents the automated/autonomous vehicles from colliding with the each other and keeps track of their activities. Countries have started using Intelligent Transport platforms like ManageTeamz to test autonomous vehicles for public transport systems. Metro cities around the world are moving towards a greener transport system by encouraging the use of Alternate fuel vehicles and improved access to public transport system. Even when greener form of energy is used for transport it is necessary to take precautions to responsibly consume the energy resources available. ManageTeamz is an innovative platform that can enable the transport industry to reduce the consumption/Usage and effectively use the available resources.

ManageTeamz can make the transport industry Greener, Safer and Sustainable

When it comes to Industry Innovating technologies ManageTeamz stands apart from the rest in the transport industry. It might be Transportation, Logistics, Delivery or any other services that requires the usage of vehicles in any form can be influenced by ManageTeamz platform. Speaking of Innovation in the transport industry many modes of shared services are being introduced for reducing the congestion and emission. Rental bicycles, Car Pooling, Shuttle services are being promoted by governments around the world to combat the Climate changes through emission of harmful gases.

ManageTeamz can be used to track the vehicles effectively to avoid traffics, misrouting and to make the roads safer. When integrated it allows the Unmanned / Autonomous vehicles to navigate to the pickup and drop locations with pinpoint accuracy. It also empowers them to reduce the distance travelled and to reach the destination on time with the help of Route Optimization. On time Pickup/Drop, Better Scheduling, Easy navigation to locations, Anytime / Anywhere access can be achieved with features like Route optimization, Location Accuracy ,Proof of Delivery, Live tracking and Real-time estimated time of arrival. The platform will play a critical role in deepening the awareness for the people to access public transport.

As a whole ManageTeamz is a platform for both the present and future transport industry with innovative strategies. Countries are making rapid progress by adopting latest technologies in every industry as they move forward with 4th Industrial Revolution for creating a sustainable future.

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