Top 10 Food Delivery Apps in the Market

Ever since digital means started imparting innovative technologies in the food delivery industry, a great transformation has occurred in the online food ordering and delivery business. Not just computers, mobile devices as well have been used extensively today, for online transactions.

In tune with the growth of the food service industry, on-demand food delivery business is expected to continue growing at a fast pace. There’s no wonder in the rapidly growing Food Delivery Management Software market in the contemporary world.

Meeting the customers’ demand for faster delivery and coping up with the ever-increasing orders for food delivery necessitate development of robust and reliable Food Delivery Management Applications. Increasing investment on this industry has been witnessed continuously, thanks to the patronage of an exponentially growing number of users.

Why Food Delivery Apps are Considered the Game Changers in Global Food Service Industry?

Similar to the broad use of technology in several other industries, people have started looking for mobility solutions for getting their food delivered. With a whopping number of mobile Internet users going in for ordering food online, numerous mobile apps are being created and deployed on a regular basis.

Food Delivery Software & Apps Make Life Easier for Users

Offering convenience of ordering from anywhere as well as attractive incentives and discounts, online food delivery software ensures faster delivery. Modern food delivery ordering apps make the registration process and all internal activities such as order placing and making payment easier and convenient. This enables food delivery-based businesses to increase their user base as well as revenues.

Globally, the changing lifestyle and the increasing need for getting things done on the go have added fuel to the already fast-growing on-demand food delivery culture. Hectic activities and dearth of time make several people to look for reliable food-ordering and delivery process. That’s where the modern Food Delivery Management Software jumps in, making things easier for users.

Technology-Driven Digital Solutions Are the Rage in the Contemporary World

The advent of mobile devices and continuously increasing Internet penetration has empowered individuals to have unprecedented tech-driven opportunities. Today, almost anything users need is possible through mobility solutions. Mobile apps have transformed the way personal and business transactions are being performed.

Online means enable people to avail services and products that once were only possible physically. Among the myriad activities, on-demand food ordering and delivery apps have found a niche in today’s lifestyle. With most of the food outlets having tie-up with online delivery services, there’s little doubt about the key role of food delivery management tools in the food service industry.

What are the Most Successful 10 Food Delivery Apps Today?

Food ordering and delivery software has proven to be an incredible disruptor in the contemporary food service industry. Especially in urban locations, the food ordering and doorstep delivery trend is fast catching up and expected to grow manifold in the coming years.

The following are a few of the top food delivery apps in vogue today:

1. Deliveroo

This London-based food delivery start-up has business operations in more than 200 cities. One of the most popular food applications across Europe, it empowers users to order food and get delivery from the restaurant outlets having no arrangement of their own. Restaurants and customers are charged a fee for the service.

2. GrubHub

Launched in the year 2004, this food delivery business set up partnership with various restaurants and built relationships. With over 30,000 restaurants connected in its network, GrubHub has offices in New York, Chicago, and London.

Allowing consumers to search for their preferred food restaurant-wise, this app helps them to filter these joints according to discounts, working hours, and customer feedback.

3. Swiggy

Founded in 2014 and based in Bangalore in India, Swiggy started its journey with food delivery operations inside the city of Bangalore. The hyperlocal online food delivery app operates in 25 Indian cities with around 40,000 restaurants under its network now.

Features in this app allow searching by restaurant, location, and cuisine. It also enables checking ratings and reviews prior to placing orders. Tracking the delivery personnel is possible through live-location mapping. It is rated among the top online food delivery management software.

4. Zomato

Founded in 2008 under the name of Foodiebay’, this online restaurant search platform initially provided information and reviews about restaurants. This app then started venturing into online table reservation as well as online food order and delivery. Today, it is operational in more than 24 nations across the globe.

Regardless of geographical location, customers can use Zomato app for ordering their food from the restaurant of their choice. Zomato works as a social network as well, similar to Facebook or Twitter. It facilitates users to read reviews and feedback from other users and follow them.

5. Uber Eats

Initially named UberEats, this food delivery management system is presently operational in more than 1000 cities located in various countries across the world. It facilitates online food ordering and provides delivery in the shortest time possible. Launched in 2014, this food delivery chain is available in Android as well as iOS.

Varied payment options such as net banking, debit or credit cards, cash on delivery, and others are allowed in this easy-to-use food delivery application.


6. Just Eat

Established in 2001 in Europe, it started working as a search tool for local restaurants delivering food. Now, with more than 82,000 restaurants looped in its network, Just Eat has all essential features required for smooth ordering and prompt delivery. This app is available for Android platform.

7. Food Panda

Headquartered in Berlin, this food app started service in 2012. Accomplishing on-time delivery of food and operational in nearly 40 cities of the modern world, this app connects 40,000 restaurants. Enabling users to get their food in the shortest possible time—be it breakfast or lunch or dinner—this app ensures consumers are delivered with their order at any time of the day.

Attractive discounts and deals are offered by Food Panda. Live location tracking and customer-friendly payment options are special features available n the app.

8. Domino’s

Known to be an ultimate pizza restaurant in India, Domino’s is a must-have for those who love pizzas, pastas, and cakes. Available in iOS, Windows, and Android, this app facilitates easy ordering and quicker delivery.

What distinguishes Domino’s is the attractive coupons that it offers to mobile as well as web app users during their orders. Warranting 30-minute delivery and offering best prices, this app enables users to choose secure payment gateways. Navigation is easy and user experience is great.

9. Pizza Hut

This brand has become quite popular among the users for its extensive range of pizzas, pastas, and desserts. Prompt delivery of yummy food of customers’ choice is warranted.

Placing orders 7 days in advance is possible. Launched in India during 1996, this app started operating with just one restaurant, but has today grown to be a huge online food business.

10. DoorDash

Considered as one of the established on-demand food delivery business apps, DoorDash supports more than 30 cities in the world. Timely delivery and attractive features in the app make it achieve customers’ delight. DoorDash Delight, the exclusive scoring system allows users to rate the quality and service.


On-demand delivery has become the order of the day in the modern world. Food delivery applications are the most effective route for food businesses to compete with one another, regardless of size and type. With numerous apps being developed to cater to the users’ needs, it is essential that enterprises ensure that their apps are creative while satisfying the primary needs of users.



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