How Deliveroo and Uber have scaled their business with delivery management system?

Location-enabled services & delivery management systems

Delivery management systems use regular streams of digital data in the form of location-enabled services and several point-to-point estimation applications. It is one of the most beautiful uses of location-based services that have helped the concept of location-relevant personalization be more prevalent and much more realistic.

There are several factors involved in the detail performance analysis of delivery management system. They are entirely dependent upon the location-enabled services available on the server and on-field digital terminal each corresponding to a service handler. It is one of the most beneficial and transformational combinations of the concept of location and 360° delivery management for areas purposes on different business driven agendas. The result-driven opportunity has led Uber Eats to the 5th position in category rank.

Core inspiration behind using a delivery management system

There are numerous digital services which you can use for the short commute. The services are entirely location-centric and very useful, user-friendly. It is available at your fingertips. Uber and Deliveroo have tried to exploit their existing resources of high-quality, robust, and fully dynamic location and route map services. They are available in a bunch of options with a convincing performance. So, the ultimate fact remains that the services have been entirely driven by real-time location-centric data that is being transferred from one stakeholder to the another in real-time. It is used for managing the transport operations while hitting the road with various short commute options.

An augmented approach

The primary reason behind the phenomenal success of Deliveroo and Uber in their successful attempt of scaling the business is the lean and highly sensible augmented approach. It is an excellent example of an augmented approach. It is using the existing concept and the core USP of their current design product, which is the USP of their entire business model. It has a wholly tested potential in the market.

The location is a real-time service that has been put to a phenomenal use for making it the basis of the delivery management system. It is an entirely connected and logically augmented business proposition which has been incorporated in the existing location-based real-time service. It was initially targeting the short commute service and now turning towards food delivery from various restaurants at competitive prices.

Major benefits

Optimized utilization of existing on-field & digital resources

Better use of assets ranging from movable, immovable, and human capital is a problem of all businesses across; and all sectors. Uber and Deliveroo have substantially solved the problem by using their full-fledged working delivery management system. It is perfectly coupled with their on-field service handlers. The service entirely coincides with a large portion of Uber Moto drivers who are offering two-wheeler driven short commute solution.

Drivers are offered proportional and complete compensation as per their fuel used and work done for delivering a particular parcel. It is a win-win situation for Deliveroo and Uber-type for delivery businesses. They had the existing model and just had to augment the food delivery app business model with proper operations and testing. They are completely aligned with an optimist, expanded business model.

Better engage with service handlers

On-field service is the minds, and working hands of the much talked about delivery management system. It is used over an opportunity that is substantially made to count by Deliveroo and Uber. Delivery servicing is something that requires engagement or service; else the handlers tend to lose their flow of work and switch companies or even, the nature of work.

The fact is that Uber and Deliveroo are offering two-wheeler short commute solution. The delivery boy drivers are also indulging in the food delivery business when they are spared from short commute rides. It increases their overall efficiency, decreases the net wait time between each trip. It is becoming a consistent stream of income for the delivery boys.

It is creating an enormous interest for more people to indulge in similar work. In metro cities where Uber Moto and Deliveroo options are not available, they are partnering with dedicated delivery boys. They are helping them manage their food delivery business from far off the restaurant. They also focus on offering high-quality, reliable delivery services with the help of a compelling delivery management system.

Major upscaling of operations

Every business has a consistent motive of upscaling the operations and increasing their market reach with total versatility. A new delivery management system enables companies to:


Influence of delivery management systems on existing business

Increasing overall traffic

Expanding digital businesses in 2019 are sure to keep an eye on their customer engagement capabilities and the total traffic magnetized by the web or mobile app. There are several channels of revenue generation and various ways of creating the right customers. But the overall numbers are stagnant. It is a convincing, resolved problem with the help of new-age delivery management systems. It is offering various types of services and enriching business propositions with the support of versatile delivery management systems. These systems are catering to customers with niche needs and excellent customer experience expectations.

Optimized service handler prices

Deliveroo and Uber are creating room for stabilized profitability with the help of food delivery business augmented on their real-time location-based system that felicitates delivery management system. It is quite apparent when delivery boys get ample service requests to handle that regulates their income out of work. They tend to stick to it and focus on maximizing their output for the company in search of a higher moneymaking level.

Deeper market penetration

Short commute services are positively trending in bigger cities. There remains a specific section of the customer base, which these companies have not been able to conquer till date. Including versatile services like convenient food delivery business is helping them look through the minds of people who generally don’t take short commute services. But might like the food which delivered from a particular restaurant only available on Deliveroo or Uber food delivery app. There are certainly going to browse through the app and avail food delivery service.
Alongside, it increases the chances of them taking short commute service at some point in time or the other in the future. It certainly increases the probability of sale for any service provided by the company in their service bucket.


Increased scope of profits

Adding services to your service bucket improves your chances of landing a customer and further converting into sales. With a substantially growing volume of business, there are more significant opportunities for optimizing the business survival cost. Thus, increasing profit to a certain extent.
Deliveroo and Uber food delivery businesses precisely do it. They are acting as a sideline of business which is helping them sustain their primary service of a short commute. Profits that are made in the food delivery business are helping these companies offer better discounts. They offer more competitive rates and maintain the pinnacle of monopoly.


There is no doubt that a versatile delivery management system is capable of helping all sorts of businesses increase the possibilities of getting more customers and also building a better service bucket list. At the same time, the zeal of companies looking for higher profits increases the likelihood of straying from high quality and great branded customer experience, which is extremely important.

Sometimes the scaled volumes of business involuntarily make these companies overlook the branded customer experience; which is the soul of whole work. Increase profitability and exceptional brand experiences primarily of food with the help of location-enabled services. It includes a comprehensive delivery management system, but how these companies handle the human touch for further brand building is yet to unroll in the upcoming years.

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