ManageTeamz’s Delivery Management Software: A Win-Win for Your Business and Your Customers

With the number of on-demand delivery apps increasing by the day, the e-commerce ventures are constantly on the lookout to implement strategies that help in refining their operations. The modern fast-paced lifestyle has led the customers to look for more efficient and speedier services from the companies, and the businesses are ready to deliver it to the best of their abilities.

And, having good delivery management software is one of the foremost steps in delivering such competent services by an e-commerce venture. The right software will not only help in operational management and faster delivery, but also fulfill the end goal of improved customer satisfaction.

ManageTeamz, one of the most popular delivery management software for quite a few years now, is the name to reckon with in this regard. The software has served a wide range of delivery businesses, across different verticals, for a while now. And, its popularity has truly gone from strength to strength in this regard.

So, what makes ManageTeamz such a sought-after choice by the companies? The answer to it lies in the fact that the features, which every e-Commerce business looks in the software, are all present in the software along with some added benefits. Let’s get to know more about it in detail.

The top features offered by ManageTeamz

A brief outline of the important features offered by ManageTeamz will give you an idea of why it is a win-win for both your business and your customers.

A fully functional app on offer

First off, the ManageTeamz app deserves a mention for how easy it makes for you to handle your deliveries. The agent app runs on both Android and iOS platforms, and comes loaded with features that you will need on a daily basis.

The app will let you track current location, know present activities, manage delivery status, and gather customer feedback. It comes with a highly accurate GPS Location Tracking System, and uses minimum powers to run.

Real-time tracking Solution

For providing top-notch services, companies need to offer the customers the option of tracking the deliveries at all times. Getting instant access to the location of the courier is important for you as well because that helps you stay informed enough to answer your customers’ queries.

The live tracking feature offered by ManageTeamz helps you track the fleet in real time and access the records you need for a smoother and faster delivery. You will get to know about the route taken and the pickup and delivery timings, which helps in maintaining the transparency you require for having leaner operations.

The integration and customization

For easy of adapting to the delivery management software, the companies need it to seamlessly integrate with their present systems and enhance those systems further.

ManageTeamz wins in this regard because its software is easily customized for integrating it with any business system. Regardless of whether you are into package delivery, food delivery, logistics, gift delivery, or groceries delivery, the software will support your business and customize the workflow as per your needs.

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Instant proof of Delivery (POD)

Delivery notifications are the proof of confirmation that you and your customers need going forward. You need the software that can help you with that by notifying both ends through texts or SMSs.

ManageTeamz will notify the customers instantly after their order is assigned to you. It will also deliver a link in the text or the email to let your customers track their shipment. As for you, the delivery agents will be able to get the signature of the customer or photo of him on the same app, which will be notified to you in an instant.

Easy to access Reports

Being in a business that has an on-demand delivery aspect does not mean simply taking the orders and delivering those in time. You will also need to spend some time analyzing your demand, peak hours, peak seasons, future needs, and the likes. The software you choose has to help you in that aspect, as well.

This is one of the aspects that you will really like about ManageTeamz. It offers actionable and easy to access reports, which includes the details of all the orders delivered, past and present customer data, and future predictions. Here you’ll get the insights you need to effectively manage the future orders.

The high levels of scalability

The problem that most businesses face with the software they choose is that the most of the tools becomes redundant or below the mark as the business scales. And, in this growing ecommerce market, if you’re doing it right, your business will not take too long to grow.

Being hosted in cloud means that, this software can be ramped up as your business grows. The solutions and personalized features add to the scalability of the product. Depending on how many delivery agents you have, you can even carry out white-labeling on the software.

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Gathering customer reviews at one place

Customer reviews are like the life breath of an on demand delivery business because they let you know whether you are doing the right thing or not. The reviews highlight your weakness, and also give you motivation to do better. Moreover, for the customers, it offers a way to voice their concerns and show their appreciation for your service.

With over 5,700 customer review gathered for its different customers, it can be safe to say that ManageTeamz does the job of collecting reviews pretty neatly. Besides, you get to see all the reviews under one dashboard, which becomes easy to manage, and analyze at the end of the day.

The response and reviews earned by ManageTeamz

So far, the response to ManageTeamz has been pretty amazing. It has already tracked over 1,250 delivery agents, and handled over 36,700 deliveries for more than hundreds of business all over the world. In fact, some of the top names in the business, like that of National Institute of Ocean Technology, Check-Net, Hindustan Petroleum, Sandhai, and more have adapted and integrated this software in their systems.

Going by its customer reviews, they seem to be the most impressed by the live tracking feature of the software. They even claimed that the drivers love it because it is easy to understand and use, without having too much of technicality or glitches involved in it.

The customers of ManageTeamz were also happy with the response time of the company. It has built up a reputation for paying heed to the demands of the customers to make the necessary tweaks wherever needed. If you want a degree of customization for using the software, chances are that the company will make it happen in a matter of a week or two.

With that being said, chances are that you will get to see more features, like OTP for international contact numbers or a more high-end dashboard, in the near future as more customers demand for it.

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Final thoughts

Hopefully, the reasons for the popularity of ManageTeamz have now been clear to you. The companies love it for the ease of operation it ensures, and the customers are happy because you service meets their expectations. So, have you given ManageTeamz a try yet? Try it for yourself, and let us know what you think about it!


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