Role of delivery tracking system in Swiggy and Zomato

Location-based services & delivery system in 2019

The increasing importance of location-enabled services has created a “domino-effect.” It catalyzed the aggressive use of delivery management systems. Versatile delivery management systems were exploited for better problem-solving; delivery tracking systems were incorporated in the complete digital business solution. These are magnificent, highly productive, and efficiency incrementing services. They are helping the companies make their way through the lanes of higher profit and a more personalized branded customer experience.

A significant role of delivery tracking system in Swiggy and Zomato operations

360° digitalization of business

Before the onset of services like Swiggy and Zomato, food delivery business was facing the hurdle of proper communication and coordination between all possible stakeholders. It included the likes of logistics service, restaurant, and the customers waiting for orders. The mismanagement and uncertainty of operations generally posed a challenge for the delivery business to reach the volumes it has conquered in the past five years. Now the top food delivery startup Swiggy has become the 181st ranked Indian origin mobile app.

All the information and communication powered by fully automated systems has led to a 360° digital transformation of business. It has carved out a foolproof business process that is carved out of the digital business solution. These dedicated food delivery apps are now much more efficient with a delivery tracking system and open up a multitude of dimensions for greater competition in the future.

Richer more informed customer experience

It is a common human tendency that people get concerned or panic if they are not well-informed within time, and there is a possibility of bad customer experience. Such experiences create a sustainable dance on the brand image of food delivery businesses. Certain presumptions and perception of a brand play an important role in customer retention. It can be successfully ensured with the help of real-time information and a more convenient and reached customer experience, which is offered by food delivery apps these days. When customers know the whereabouts of the order and the phase of the whole process, they inevitably feel and wholly involved with total control of the situation. It exponentially increases the customers coming back to the same food delivery app in the future.

Safety & security system

Hygiene, the security of logistics operations, the safety of service handlers, losses are some significant concerns in the food delivery business. When food orders are tracked for their process and delivery in real-time, all these possibilities of mishap and mismanagement diminish to a great extent. Customers are generally keeping an eye on the overall wait time and watch the delivery service handlers handle these situations with utmost perfection typically.

It helps brands create an everlasting impression. The information that is dynamically updated on the delivery tracking system has the potential of becoming a core USP for the businesses and increasing what they wish to achieve in terms of business goals.


Tangible delivery parameters

The delivery tracking system has eventually made food delivery businesses much more accountable, giving them s definite matrix for the quality of the service. It also provides customers a firm basis for analyzing the best value for their money and the condition which they receive in terms of service and the product delivered. At the same time, third-party stakeholders (the restaurant in this case) are also put under the scanner because of a delivery tracking system. The food which is prepared is also tracked in real-time for its exact phase of the process.

Whether the food is in the kitchen or the order is received, or if there is any mismanagement, customers can know if the restaurant or the food delivery business is at fault. The transfer and is incomplete clarity on the logistic. Food delivery process is putting customers in a much better condition to avail services and look for the best value of their money.

Easier dispute resolution

Food delivery businesses and the partnering restaurants are all credible, properly reviewed rated. They are held much more accountable than ever before; solving cases of customer dissatisfaction or dispute resolution under all circumstances is much more comfortable. It is just a matter of time for customers to analyze who is precisely at fault because of the continuous real-time information which they are receiving about the ongoing operations.

It is a dimension in which the food delivery business has dramatically improved customer experience. Customers feel that they are in better control of the situation and are adequately heard in case of dissatisfaction.


Customers and new-age entrepreneurs need to understand the difference between a comprehensive delivery management system and delivery tracking system, which is just functionality. Delivery management system involves numerous other features and various other options which hold the interest of the food delivery business, restaurants, and customers. But delivery tracking system as a whole soul dedicated microservice embedded within the delivery management system is an altogether different story. It helps better performance and increasing the core USP of the product.

Increasing products and their opportunities of business interest in the customer mind is a matter of consistent innovation and delivery tracking system is a perfect example of the same. It will be an exciting proposition among food delivery businesses. The competition arena of delivery management systems seem to subside, and there is scope for something new to add value in the coming years.


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